Red-knobbed Coot..

An aquatic rail, moorhen that is found in most dams, rivers and streams.. it has long lobed feet that assist it to swim, but is not a member of the duck family with web feet…

The red knobs on it’s head are larger in breading birds and grey in the juvenile birds.

A water weed eater, mainly, but is considered an omnivore, and will take small live prey and the eggs of other water birds.

A few photos I took on Friday last…



The Weed eater………..



And now for something I can’t understand, a bird that dives to the bottom to get weeds, then needs to take a bath!!!



Adjust a few feathers……….


And then check in it’s purse for parking money……


50 thoughts on “Red-knobbed Coot..

  1. The American coot is prevalent here in the states, with the same type feet (which I just love) but they are more golden in color. I have never seen red knobs like this on a bird’s head. I might be pretty aggressive as well if I had to waddle around with strange red bumps on my head! I love to watch the coot take off in flight when they are on the water. With their big webbed feet they look like they are running on top the water.

    • The coot family is wide spread, and I thought this guy came all over… only now to discover he lives in Africa… no wonder he has the red knobs…

  2. Lots of coots in the UK, but I don’t recall seeing the red knobbly bits on them before. I suppose this is attractive to other coots.

  3. Excellent photography! your photography takes me to places that removes the “pain” from my life; Which is the reason I spend so much time on your Blog! Your photography is fascinating!

    • I think they do nothing more than show the state of the birds sexual maturity… and to get out his way when he gets cross… he is a tad aggressive and chases all sorts of birds all over the place…

  4. What an interesting looking bird — I have never seen a Red-knobbed Coot before – exotic! Funny captions again ~ “check its purse for parking money” – lol ~ you are so silly! Great shots as usual – a true photographic artist you are! x RL

  5. Now, I get it. Three frames per second! I never saw this bird in my life. How absolutely entertaining. An odd looking bird and an interesting one too. I enjoy the way you don’t just post one still photo, but a series showing what the subject does, how he behaves, and describe the species. Thanks.

    • Thanks George… again I take this as a great complement… never want to say too much on the birds… want them to speak for themselves… but they are not always co-operative…

  6. In Belgium you can find coots everywhere, but without the red knobs.Never seen a red knobbed coot , they look very special.

    • Thank you .. the coots are a large family of types spread pretty much through out the world… feisty little fellows always on the go chasing some other bird or their own type…

  7. I wondered why they have the red knobs but then I thought, why do women wear earrings? Probably has the same effect. We have coots here too, but without the knobs. They’re funny birds. They swim the way a chicken walks. “Clowns of the marsh,” they call them. Thanks for these great photos. I’ve learned something new today. I had no idea these birds existed.

    • I suppose that the red knobs might just have something to do with attracting a partner or showing they are ready to breed… maybe they are just warning signs for everything to get out their way as they are aggressive and sometimes down right horrible to everything in the area… “Clowns of the Marsh” I could go with as that is a very good description…

  8. I love a kooky bird who enjoys his bath ritual! Your photos were the next best thing to being there…I couldn’t wait to see what he was going to do next!

    • Thank you… had so many sequences of the bath, where I take 3 frames per second… but didn’t want to post too many… but when one sees how the water runs off them you wonder why they bother, after all they have just been down a metre to feed… but it is so entertaining sitting and watching them from the hide…

  9. Oh, they are absolutely gorgeous Rob and I am so glad you shared them! Stunning shots my friend! I love how to watch them taking their “baths” after diving for food and those “cherries” on their heads are so adorable! I can sit and watch them for hours! I wonder if the last one did find some money in the purse. LOL! Great post! 😀 *hugs*

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