South Westland and Its Little Gems – Okarito

This is another Southern hemisphere piece of heaven, just look at these photos, they are beyond brilliant.. Now if the New Zealanders could just learn to play rugby… LOL


Okarito lagoon and snow capped mountains south westland

If you mention South Westland most people think of glaciers – Franz Josef and Fox Glacier. These are great icons of the West Coast particularly of South Westland but there is so much more to offer in this beautiful part of the country.

Stephen and I are just back from a long weekend staying at Franz Josef. Our good friends Bernie and Gerard run Holly Homestead B&B located just on the outskirts of the village itself.  Beautifully restored homestead and a great time to visit – both for us and them as it is a quiet time for both of us during the winter. Shame really as winter on the West Coast is when we get some of our best weather and this weekend was no exception.  While the rest of the country was getting hammered with a severe snow storm and extremely high winds most of the West Coast…

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13 thoughts on “South Westland and Its Little Gems – Okarito

  1. Photographs of quality need some forms of protection. My photographs for the purposes of my Liberated Way blog are reduced in quality to 100k or below memory for speedy uploads, the memory hungry originals are rarely seen in public.

  2. I have clicked on every photo on this post and they are all worth the effort, they are brilliant photographs… I’d have water marked these…

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