Africam.. have you seen this?

Certain of our game parks have web cams at water holes.. by tuning in you can see all of our wild life in their natural habitat… we even have a cam on a breeding Black Eagle.. give it a try… Click here to go to the site… here are a few screen shots I’ve taken..

Capture 1

Capture 2

Capture 4

Capture 9


Capture m

36 thoughts on “Africam.. have you seen this?

  1. Oh cool, there was nothing going on on the one I just went to look at, but I guess that’s the way it goes a lot of the time. I’ll definitely bookmark that page and go back now and again to check! Thanks for this.

    • I follow the site on FB and as soon as there is activity at one of the holes the post and I’m never disappointed… early morning and late evening are the better times to look.. but even at night they have lights ….

    • Pleasure Sonel… I liked it on FB that when something happens they put it up on your page… when I see its something interesting I pop over and never sit looking at a dam of water with nothing there…

  2. I remember sitting near one of the watering holes in Chobe and I spent hours there … this would be a dangerous hobby for me to start since I would never stop watching.

    • On some of our trips that is exactly what we do… sit at a water hole all day and let the game come to you… it is a marvelous past time watching the interaction of the game…

  3. I just had the best time watching the Lion and her baby cub ~ OH this is so great Bulldog – thank you for sharing! I will return 🙂 x Much Love to you dear friend ~ x RL

  4. Wow that is so cool! How amazing to have that opportunity without actually be there – or even in the same country. Thanks for letting us know and sharing the link. Very, very cool!

  5. Utterly amazing – even though the only wildlife I saw at this hour was a car in the background! I do look forward to visits when wild animals are present. Thanks for introducing me to this modern miracle.

  6. This is an awesome way to use technology rather than imprison wild animals in zoos, see them in their natural environment via the internet.

    • Yes Frank… so busy with software that is selling and having to do set ups and training, my time on the blogs is limited to almost nothing… but I will get a chance to catch up… hopefully not too soon… need to sell so many more, and it seems to be beginning to take now…

  7. Thank you for this info…I’m in love with webcams! Every so often I troll through all kinds of crazy places…from bars and neighborhoods, beaches and national parks, Antartica and Canadian NW Territories…I will happily add Aftrican wildlife to the mix! Thanks again! 🙂

    • These can be so rewarding on days, with lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo and even if lucky the elusive leopard… but I just love to watch the interaction at the water holes… and when I can’t be in the park myself.. these help me with relaxation…

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