Bridges.. a Black and White challenge…

Sonel’s Black and White challenge.. Bridges….

Now I just have not had the time to nip out and try to find a bridge to photo… so what did I do… I went back to the photos I took in America, and changed them to Black and White… I thought they came out quite well… The Americans don’t build small bridges, if fact I was fascinated by the size and construction of these massive bridges, we have nothing like them here… maybe we need to grow our rivers some…

I think these are near New York.. miserable day, weather wise.. needed sunshine, but was just happy to be there…



Heading towards or away from Philadelphia…. not sure any more… although the third one below is definitely going to, with the landmark buildings…




This beautiful historical bridge in Pennsylvania (well I think it was Penn State… the land of the Amish… fascinating people… make lovely Ice cream)…..




I was fascinated by the construction method….


and then my favourite photo of all from the USA trip, Linda on a small bridge in Central Park… really enjoying the experience…. daughter pointing out something in the back ground….. almost expected to see a Kudu or two in this park…