Bridges.. a Black and White challenge…

Sonel’s Black and White challenge.. Bridges….

Now I just have not had the time to nip out and try to find a bridge to photo… so what did I do… I went back to the photos I took in America, and changed them to Black and White… I thought they came out quite well… The Americans don’t build small bridges, if fact I was fascinated by the size and construction of these massive bridges, we have nothing like them here… maybe we need to grow our rivers some…

I think these are near New York.. miserable day, weather wise.. needed sunshine, but was just happy to be there…



Heading towards or away from Philadelphia…. not sure any more… although the third one below is definitely going to, with the landmark buildings…




This beautiful historical bridge in Pennsylvania (well I think it was Penn State… the land of the Amish… fascinating people… make lovely Ice cream)…..




I was fascinated by the construction method….


and then my favourite photo of all from the USA trip, Linda on a small bridge in Central Park… really enjoying the experience…. daughter pointing out something in the back ground….. almost expected to see a Kudu or two in this park…




51 thoughts on “Bridges.. a Black and White challenge…

  1. Great that you have join a challenge too – and what a gallery you have presented – not really a fan of B&W – I want color in my world, but you have done a brilliant job … great shots all of them.
    My favorite is the little wooden bridge in Central park .

  2. Hard to imagine bridges were once made out of wood and can last so long as in Herr’s Mill Bridge. Having worked in construction for many years (mainly highways) I always found it fascinating how bridges were pieced together like a giant jig-saw puzzle until eventually recognisable as a finished structure. I like your photo of the live highway – through clever design, even concrete can become a thing of beauty as well as practicability.

    • That is so true… I must admit bridge construction has always fascinated me since the story of Vic Fall bridge in Rhodesia… when the went to connect the last steel link they were just short.. as a Land Surveyor I remember hearing how the blamed him first and then it’s reputed the engineer took a dive off the bridge .. in the mean time it was early morning and by 10 am the steal had expanded and the bolts could be fitted… (don’t know how true it was about the engineer, but I do know the surveyor was blamed incorrectly…)

  3. Bridges are one of my very favorite photographs! The USA especially on the east coast indeed has HUGE bridges. The black and white make for better photographs of the bridges. Losing myself in these photos!

  4. great photos, have to say changing them to black and white made them look different with a nostalgic feel to them

  5. What you didn’t find the Kudu? Maybe he was watching a musical on Broadway. Lovely photos and thanks for showing me home–not really, but I lived 4 hours from NYC so I’ll say my home.

  6. These are lovely shares. Bigger and bolder in the U.S? I expect so. Funny then that the most appealing is the little covered bridge- love these structures. I liked your commentary too. 🙂

    • The USA does do everything bigger than else where… but then the rivers are so damn big… but that old bridge fascinated me as it was older than my country…

  7. I love bridges, too, Rob. I routinely cross a nice bridge in Long Beach, and while I admire its architectural complexity, I try not to think of earthquakes. LOL! I really do have that thought a lot, but in California I think about them in many places, so I just look out at the beautiful ocean the bridge is spanning.

    The black and white quality really does draw attention to the detail. I love covered bridges, and I’m glad you had the chance to see them. They are definitely regional!

  8. I too, love the one with you and Linda, great picture, great bridge. She looks so carefree and you look like your inhaling the sites and sounds of the park.

    One of these days, I would like to do a road trip of the US and take pictures of bridges, especially the old ones because we are losing so many each year.

  9. A stunning entry for the challenge bulldog! I love them and you’ve converted them so well to B/W indeed! Thanks so much for taking part. Much appreciated for sure. 😀
    PS: May I ask that you please just add the link in the comments section in the challenge so that the other bloggers can come and visit your lovely entry too. 😀

  10. ooo I am pretty sure I see the Verrazano Narrows Bridge up there! Near and dear to my heart, as I must have travelled it thousands of times in my lifetime already.
    These are super great Bulldog — I love the Central Park shot with Linda too — it’s sort of nostalgic in b&w isn’t it? ~ Love to you, Robyn

    • Thanks Robyn… I should have paid far more attention to names etc when we were there… but was so fascinated that I just kept pointing the camera and taking shots…

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