60 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces.. put it all together and what have you got?

  1. Absolutely MAGNIFICENT shots of the Rhino! These photos are like a puzzle as you scroll through them, extremely clever Blog! You have been blessed with such a gift!!

  2. I like Rhinos. They are another one of my favorites (elephants the most favorite). Great shots here Bulldog, all the parts and pieces. Aren’t they magnificent though!

  3. Any of the bits shout ‘Rhino’ to me.
    I do so agree with you that every rhino horn in the country should be treated with a poison harmless to the host but deadly for any human even touching it, never mind ingesting. Blow this tame, ‘getting sick’ nonsense – although that is a step in the right direction. The real answer is to utterly flood the market with undetectable fakes. And poison those, too!

    • Not weird at all, otherwise I would be weird as well… I just love the butt of a rhino… LOL… if on foot walking, I’d rather see this image than the opposite end…

    • Thanks Dianne… Why doesn’t he have a horn? Because we are trying to make them unattractive to the poachers… but even this isn’t working. Some reserves are now injecting poisons and dyes into the horns, so that buyers get seriously sick if they ingest the horn… I think this is totally wrong, those that buy the horn from a poached and mutilated Rhino, should die, it must be a slow and terrible death un treatable as a warning to others… we need desperately to stop the poaching that is going on at present… the experts have now said at the rate of increase of poaching, by the end of 2016 they will be extinct… Killing poachers is not the answer when these guys are getting up to R 60 000 a kilogram for the horn… trips to China to try and educate the locals doesn’t seem to be working… our military forces are now out trying to combat the poachers… so now we have to dehorn an animal to try and save his life… because some idiot thinks the horn is better for his sex life than Viagra… when the horn has no effect what-so-ever, in fact it’s the same as chewing on your finger nails… sorry about the long answer but I get hit up about the future of the Rhino… and boy do I wish I could get my hands on a poacher… I would ram the horn so deep up his tail end ….

      • I don’t blame you at all for being passionate about this. It’s seriously disgusting that poachers kill these beautiful creatures for the horn – The ‘poison’ approach is an interesting one, but I guess the best thing to do is get rid of the horn (which is a crying shame!) I agree about the ramming of the horn where the sun don’t shine for the poachers…

    • Thank you… spent a morning in my favourite park and sat amid 6 of these giants so close I could hear them breathe… some so close it was difficult to get a full picture of them… and that’s where the idea came from…

  4. Loved this puzzle-like post bulldog! That is one beautiful Rhino indeed and you’ve captured it so well! Great shots my friend. πŸ˜€ *big hugs*

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