Black and White Photo Challenge…Toys.


       Sonel’s Black and White photo challenge this week was a difficult one for me…TOYS… the only toys I have are my wife and my camera. Now to join Sonels B&W challenge click here.

      I only have one other item that I consider my toy, and this was given me by my Grand Children for my birthday a few months ago… and it is a soap stone carving of a Hornbill sitting in a tree.

      This art work is brilliant and being dark I thought it might make a good subject. So set the camera to B&W and away we went…

       The Shona tribe are known for their carving abilities, and this is no exception with my “toy”. Although known for their stone sculpture, the Shona Tribe of Zimbabwe has a rich artistic heritage, which includes decorative fabric painting using sadza too. Sadza (pronounced sudza) is Maize, a primary basis of their diet.

Well here is my entry for this week…









59 thoughts on “Black and White Photo Challenge…Toys.

  1. Almost as good as viewing it in person. The black and white medium adds to the artist qualities of this exquisite “toy”! And I agree with the others about your excellent relationship with your life partner and wife. You two are so very lucky to have one another Bulldog! xx

    • I’ve been Linda’s toy for so many years and she mine… 40 to be exact… I like to think I’m her “Toy Boy” (wishful thinking but still) and yes she knows she’s my toy something I like to play with all the time…

  2. I was so happy to see you mentioning the Shona Tribe. We found the first piece of their stone sculpture in a small art gallery up north. Since that time we have become collectors of Shona Art, and have stone sculptures in the house and in the outside gardens. Your soap sculpture is beautiful; keep it safe and away from all sinks!

    • I’m not sure this is soap stone, they also work in Serpintine I think it is called… I’m not sure this is soap stone it’s a bit harder than the others that I have…
      I have the big sculpture of the two fish eagle linked in flight by their claws, which is something we see often in mock battle… it is soap stone but weighs approx 60 kg (130lbs) when moving that one, one has to be very careful… this is far harder than that… but I have many and when I think what I paid for them so many years ago and what they are worth now.. they have been a good investment… that the kids can sell when I’m dead.. not that I think they will, they keep begging me to give them to them…

  3. Good selection of shots Bulldog. I shall have to get my photo blog started so I can enter these B & W challenges, as there are some interesting themes being set.

    • Thanks Brian… I think you need to do just that… I am really enjoying the challenge of taking photos in B&W again and then processing them…

    • Col I have spent some time with a Shona friend of mine at a place where they carve these type things… one cannot believe they are so fast at it… I know the minute I try this I’ll break the stone long before it even looks like anything…

  4. Thank you for sharing this treasured gift from your grandchildren. It’s lovely, and you’ve captured the details so well.

    • Thanks Frank .. yes coming from Rhodesia I know how good the Shona are with their carving.., also in wood.. I have many pieces of their work and display it in my house with pride…

  5. Wow bulldog! It’s gorgeous my friend and I love it! I wish I had toys like that as well. It’s absolutely stunning and you’ve captured it so well too! That silhouette shot is amazing! Thanks so much for taking part my friend and thanks for your beautiful and original interpretation. You are so blessed to have this and Happy Belated Birthday as well. I can see you had a lovely birthday. 😀 *big hugs*

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