Western Cattle Egret.. and it’s helper.

The Western Cattle egret, will happily follow the cattle around, that when the cattle disturb the grass hoppers and other insects the egret is there to claim the meal.. You often see them on the backs of Rhino and of course around their feet… this little fellow asked its companion to stir the pot so he could capture a meal… to close to the front end if you ask me….








43 thoughts on “Western Cattle Egret.. and it’s helper.

  1. The distinction in the size between the rhino and the bird and the fact that the rhino tolerates such a little creature is stunning!

  2. I thought the rhino might be asleep but his eyes appear to be open. He’s blissfully indifferent to the egret.

  3. This one I am very familiar with as they like to flock on our front lawn every now and then. I couldn’t swear it was the exact same species but egrets are very common over here.

    • They are pretty common throughout the world.. in one form or another… probably called the same just with a different latin name due to location…

    • It is a saddening fact.. I hate it myself.. I always try to picture a Kudu without it’s curvy horns or a Gemsbok without it’s Sabre like horns… it just does not seem right…

  4. I just love these Egrets bulldog or “bosluisvoëls” as wel call them in Afrikaans. They do quite an amazing job and it’s always wonderful to see those little specks of white. Great shots as usual my friend. Love your post. 😀 *big hugs*

    • Dankie Sonel… funny name “Bosluisvoël” seeing as they are not so quite well known for removing ticks as the “Rooibekrenostervoël” is. I believe the “tick-bird” name, comes from them picking up the ticks on the ground that the animals expose when eating as well as those full ticks that fall off… where the Oxpeckers pick off the ticks from the animal itself… In my younger days we all knew them as the “white tick-bird” now at some stage it changed to an “Egret” at least the Afrikaans has always stayed the same “Bosluisvoël” … love that name…

      • Funny name indeed bulldog and when I started taking pics of them here as well I learned their real name and it was quite interesting too. Strangely enough I don’t want to think of them eating those yucky ticks..yuck, uggh, blah…but good for them for keeping them away from the animals. 😀

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