44 thoughts on “On Golden Pond… a Water Birds perspective.

  1. The flow of the golden water is what enhances this bird by its surroundings! Love the reflections of the bird in the water. Fantastic photography. You are brilliant in what you capture! I’m losing myself today in your Blog. Can you tell? lol

  2. You are so right bulldog. Gold it is and captured so beautifully! Great shots my friend. Love them! 😀 *hugs*

  3. The gold reflection of the water is very pretty and unique. I’ll be keeping an eye out for similar reflections in my travels. Interesting birds as always 🙂

        • I have cataract problems now so the view finder is not my best friend… can take 100 odd photos on an incorrect setting.. I’ll only know when I get to down load… but they say getting old is not for sissies so I just laugh about it…
          Have to get around to setting a date for the op on the eyes.. but I’m scared shitless…

    • It became more obvious when I downloaded the photos.. whilst in the hide I could just see the reeds… thank you.. wish it was gold could make retirement just that little easier…

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