Pearl-spotted Owlet and African Barred Owlet

Pearl-spotted owlet (first 3 photos) African Barred Owlet (last 6 photos)

The pearl-spotted owlet has two feathered eyes on the back of his head, probably to scare his predators into thinking he’s looking at them when looking the other way.

The Pearl-spotted is slightly smaller than the African Barred.. the first being 17 –21 cm (6.7 – 8.2 inches) long and weighing 60 – 100 grams (2.1 – 3.5 Oz) the second is 20 – 22 cm (7.8 – 8.6 inches) long and weighs in at  100 – 135 grams (3.5 – 4.8 Oz).

The Pearl-spotted hunts a variety of small prey. The call is a whistled tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu.

The African barred is partly diurnal, and feeds mostly on insects, although small rodents and birds may also be eaten. The call ..?? No idea…

Tue 26-07-2011 023

Tue 26-07-2011 021

Mon 25-07-2011 129

tue 19-07-2011 228

tue 19-07-2011 233

tue 19-07-2011 236

tue 19-07-2011 251

tue 19-07-2011 240

tue 19-07-2011 231

57 thoughts on “Pearl-spotted Owlet and African Barred Owlet

  1. “Lets see who blinks first” is priceless! Seems like he has a little attitude and feistiness all at the same time? Excellent shots!

  2. You at your best …. Bob. I don’t know if I have told you that I had a pet owl when I was a kid – Oscar was his name and .. he was just in this size (slightly bigger), he never became really into full grown sized. So funny, clever and so devoted. Had him for 4 years, until a neighbor in good faith gave him smoked bacon … he became ill and died for it. Just love your photos even if they bring back some sadness to me.

  3. I think most kids think their mother’s have eyes in the back of their heads. 😀 He’s a real beauty, isn’t he, and looks very stern and forbidding in that last pic. 🙂

  4. Oh dear Rob, this is so lovely so lovely, I wished to take a pictures like yours… This is not my little owl, and I can’t see him in last few days… Thank you, love, nia

  5. Whahahahah! Oh, I had to laugh bulldog. You have the funniest captions and I just love it. Great shots once again of a beautiful, awesome, stunning bird! I love owls and it’s so wonderful to see these beautitufl captures of them my friend. You are so blessed! Thanks for sharing this lovely part of nature. 😀 *big hugs*

  6. Even though owls are a bird of prey, everyone seems to think they’re cute (which they are). I wish I’d had eyes in the back of my head on a few occasions.

  7. *smiling* ~ sooooo adorable this owlet bulldog – i love him!!! You captured his little feisty sprit so well in these photos too! Wish I could take him home to play with for a while!! 🙂 Love to you, Robyn

  8. What gorgeous owls! Long ago we enjoyed the sound of an owl living in nearby trees–for a time. I loved that plaintive call. I can’t wait to show these photos and read the dialogue to my granddaughters. They love owls–although the youngest hears the Mourning Doves in my yard and is convinced she’s hearing an owl. 🙂 We really don’t live where we have much access to any birds quite this spectacular!

    • Thank you… these are so small .. but in the winter their camo is easy to get past and they become a little more accessible… in summer it’s almost impossible to see them in the trees…

    • I thought you would enjoy these… I have so many photos that I’ve never got around to processing and when I saw these today they just spoke to me.. even though they were taken nearly a year ago… I think I take too many photos…

  9. LOL, I wouldn’t mess with him. I think my second grade teacher actually had eyes in the back of her head. couldn’t get away with a thing!

    • What did you have one of those as well.?? I had one I’d open my mouth to say something and he’d say “shut it Bulldog” I use to search for the mirror I was convinced he had…

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