Sonel’s Black and White challenge.. Family.


Week 5 : Family

                    (singular or plural – family unit) a man, his wife and their children.

                    a group of people related to each other, including cousins, grandchildren.

                    a group of plants, animals, languages, etc. that are connected in some way.

                    (music) the family of bowed stringed instruments.

                    (collection) several things grouped together or considered as a whole.

     As I don’t have albums full of family photos, and as they are spread far and wide, I have to once again resort to my families of animals and go and convert colour photos once more…

So here is my entry for this week….

Kalagadi 417

Kalagadi 298

Rietvlei 18-10-2012 210

Radermeyer and rietspruit 150

Radermeyer and rietspruit 123


Kalagadi 1321

Kalagadi 1225

Kalagadi 1219