Sonel’s B&W challenge .. what were mine?

I thought I should show you what I played with for Sonel’s challenge this week… and here they are…

Durban hols 127AA




Durban hols 127A

Durban hols 127












38 thoughts on “Sonel’s B&W challenge .. what were mine?

  1. I like the color photos but I also like them in black and white. You make it difficult to choose my favorite. Your photographs are indeed an inspiration!

    • Thanks … when it comes to abstracts I though I needed to show my friends what I’d done… got so many frowns from those near me I realised they had no idea what the photos were…

  2. You made it difficult to choose just one favorite, I like the color view of the tight fern, the black and white of the driftwood and the color of the sand mound. All in all it is good to show the before and after’s to spark ideas.

    • Okay now that kept me reading for a while…. Thank you for all the visits and wonderful comments… I’m up early this morn as I’m off to work for the day and felt i should at least answer my comments today… You have said such nice things all over my posts and I will get round to answering them all at some stage as I hate to have an unanswered comment on my posts… Funny that way…
      But with the program stuff getting a little more urgent here now I might be only on for reading the odd post and commenting… But then such is life and business… Thanks again

  3. Oh, you are so clever and creative bulldog and I just love your photo’s and it’s great to see them in colour as well my friend. You have such a great eye for photography. Thanks for sharing. 😀 *hugs*

  4. Great seeing colour compared against black and white, each showing a different dimension in looking at the same object.

  5. Bob, you’re priceless … I was spot on for the two that I guess. You’re getting very arty and creative.
    Nice to see the originals. By the way how is the software business doing ???? I hope you are doing well … maybe Mikelson had used the program before British Open, beating the poor Sweden like that or maybe Stenson should buy your program.

    • Thanks Viveka… trying my hand at the one challenge…
      the program is taking off slower than we hoped ..but getting people to spend money to save money is not easy.. specially with something never before seen… but it is selling slowly and we know it will take off at some stage… thanks for asking..

      • Bob, I’m so happy that there is some movements with the product – and nothing happens great over night – so you have the right attitude against it all.
        You need some experts to make a review on the program … send it to golfing magazines and PC magazines for them to try it out.

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