Southern Red Bishop.. Yellow Crowned Bishop.

Southern Red Bishop or Red Bishop (Euplectes orix) and the Yellow-crowned Bishop (Euplectes afer)

The “Red” is common in wetlands and grassland in Africa south of the Equator. That found North of the Equator is known as the Northern Red Bishop… how flipping clever is that… why do they come up with these names, if you stand on the Equator and the bird hops across, do you change it’s name.??

The “Yellow” is native to Africa south of the Sahara. Now come on .. what’s the difference here?? When I was young and collected birds eggs as a hobby, we knew these birds as the red and yellow bishop bird, when did they change.?

The males of the species become more bright in colour during mating season, where the both tend to build a few nests and attempt to attract females… the “Red” breed in colonies but the “Yellow” is a little more shy and tends to breed alone.. must be self conscious…

Any way here are a few photos of both…

Radermeyer and rietspruit 044

Radermeyer and rietspruit 042

Radermeyer and rietspruit 039

Radermeyer and rietspruit 034

Radermeyer and rietspruit 032

Radermeyer and rietspruit 037

So I go………. and find…??? Yes the Yellow…

rietvlei 001

rietvlei 003

So I take the hint and go home… what does the wife say? “Why you home so early?” Should I tell her.?? Should I say that two little birds 4 inches long and weighing next to nothing have told me to take a hike.?? Not this Bulldog….


60 thoughts on “Southern Red Bishop.. Yellow Crowned Bishop.

  1. Hysterical captions, the red bishop is absolutely gorgeous! Getting lost again in your Blog today! Can’t seem to get enough of your Blog!

  2. Never seen anything like it … orange bird – and the yellow one – that orange is just so beautiful – you have all the colors down there. By the way … the he this just like a male … he has have somebody to blame, when the girls don’t give him the eye – love your comments and humor.

  3. Love the images! Such beautiful birds with such gorgeous color 🙂 Didn’t like you listening on the conversation hmmmmmm? You did the right took the hint and went home….that would make you a “smart bird”.

  4. So beautiful a bird… and how funny about their mating dynamic. Love the images you shared – great shots!
    Interesting how mother nature plays its part by making the males coat brighten up in mating season – WOW! Your captions are fantastic — and so funny! 🙂 Love to you bulldog!

  5. Haha love the commentary today, even more than usual! Push off is not something we seem to say in North America. I always think of it as British. I love it though and must remember to say it here, even if just for the reaction!

    • We do have a great cross section of colour in the birds… its capturing them on camera that’s the hard work… but thank you for a lovely comment…

  6. Some people clearly have too much time on their hands if they take the naming to the level of the equator changing it!
    I am fascinated with all the names – growing up almost all yellow birds were “vinke” to me, and then these red ones were “rooi vinke”…probably wrong but they never corrected us. 😉

  7. Took my breath away with the colours – I’m a lady (no smart arse comment thanks!) so he’d be pleased surely LOL. Great pics – love your side bars as always.

  8. Whahahahahaha! Oh, I just loved your captions bulldog! Stunning shots as usual my friend and when I get to your blog I just can’t find the like button quick enough because I know too that your posts are going to be awesome again! 😀 Thanks so much for sharing these beauties and I don’t care what direction they came from. 😆 But between the two of us… I think they were scared that you would attract the ladies and they wouldn’t have a chance. 😀 *hugs*

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