Sonel’s Black and White Challenge, “Upward”

Sonel’s B&W Challenge

Well for this challenge a family member was called upon to do his upward “thing”…. but like all things that go up, they must also come down… lucky there is a swimming pool beneath him….

len 026

len 027

len 028

len 029

len 030

len 031

len 032

len 033

len 034

len 019


107 thoughts on “Sonel’s Black and White Challenge, “Upward”

  1. Excellent action shots, the splash was something that was captured perfectly! The last cannonball I did like that I landed on the bottom of the pool with a chipped permanent front tooth! Needless to say it was the last time I ever did that!

    • Col he is a very athletic youngster.. quite powerful… has a lot of strength in those legs… If I tried this it would end as a back flop on the concrete…

    • Thank you so much for nominating me for the award.. I decided when nominated for my first, not to accept awards, but to keep the nominations in a special file… So once again I thank you for nominating me for the award, and know that I keep your post in a special file…

    • Thank you… I have to be honest I had to go and look up the word bravura… good description of the back flip… the camera did the rest for me…

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