10 thoughts on “terratry… how can it save money?

  1. I think what is most interesting about this software is it guides the person into a specific direction and allows them to inspect, evaluate and modify as needed. It also takes the complexities of managing a course and breaks them down in to smaller components which is easier to see an manage. BTW, this model could be used for many other business. I figured you knew that but having a love for golf picked golf course management.

    • Hi Mrs.P. yes we realise this software can work in any business, chose Golf as the initial kick off because of my association with the profession. It will be expanded at a later stage to meet and match other institutions… we are already in the stages of developing further with add-on’s… Thank you for the comment…

    • Thanks TBM… it’s getting the golf courses to spend money to save money… and the only way I thought of getting something more than emails and cold calling was to blog about the program…

  2. That’s a very nice looking site over there Rob, perfect choice for the product. Can I just make a suggestion? On the ‘About’ page, you might want to include some contact details, or something that tells people what to do if they are interested in the program? I know there’s the comment box, but I think it still needs something within the text because people might want to inquire without their comment actually going up on the site as a comment.

  3. Great Site! Great Tool! I had to borrow my husband’s computer to read the slides in the slideshow. My laptop screen was not good enough.

    I am an analyst junkie and I loved the data that I would be able to collect and have the assistance in evaluating.

    I am on a PC Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 10.0.9 etc. and I have been having problems recently getting websites to behave correctly. Once I got into the slideshow, I could not find a way to exit out without closing the browser. Most likely it is my computers misbehavior but I thought you should know.

    I will have to get my husband to look at this and see all you have done. He offered suggestions early on in your website development through my mom, Sherry.

    Good Luck, Bulldog.

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