64 thoughts on “I’m not saying a Thing..

  1. Speechless, no words are necessary as these shots are astonishing! You extraordinarily captured the beauty of these animals. Another favorite animal of mine!

  2. Good photos Bulldog. I particularly like the zebra withe cheesy grin, and the composition of your penultimate picture.

  3. The last one is a real keeper, Rob. A gorgeous, well-composed shot. You clicked when you shoulda’ clicked. Don’t you love it when that happens? 🙂 You ought to print this one and hang it. Do you have a shop somewhere online? You should have,

    • Thanks George… I loved the last photo as well… no, no shop, would feel too much pressure to take good photos then and I think it might just spoil my fun…

  4. Such beauty! Thank you, bulldog. I’m mostly offline for about a week as I’ve got a twin in both arms for much of that time, and loving every minute of it. They hardly cry at all during the day, and there are 4 of us to handle ’em at night. Divide and conquer! ;-D!

    • Well Russ they would be more important to me than the blogging as well…. continue to enjoy my friend… they all grow up far to fast for my liking…

  5. Oh wow bulldog and wow again my friend! Absolutely stunning shots! You’ve captured these beauties so well! The first one looks as if he/she is actually smiling for you! So adorable! And the last one is my favourite! Thanks for sharing! Love it! 😀 *big hugs*

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