Bateleur Eagle..

I know I’ve posted these before.. but I do just love this eagle.. for those who missed it the first time round….

game res 18-07-2011 106

game res 18-07-2011 112

game res 18-07-2011 113

game res 18-07-2011 117

game res 18-07-2011 118

game res 18-07-2011 119

game res 18-07-2011 121

game res 18-07-2011 135

game res 18-07-2011 128

game res 18-07-2011 136


61 thoughts on “Bateleur Eagle..

  1. Wow, I’ve never seen an eagle like that before! He looks like a throwback to the 70’s with his afro. Now all he needs is a leisure suit, and then I will start hearing the theme song from Saturday Night Fever LOL!

    • Thanks .. it is one of those I can never stop taking photos of… In Rhodesia we had a pair that nested near our house… I regularly climbed the tree just to watch the progress of the rearing of the young… both parent birds would join me in the tree just to make sure I was not going to interfere with their young chick… it was magnificent to observe and I always maintain that I had a good relationship with the parents… I love this bird…

  2. this is amazing eagle… First I read the title like that, “beautiful eagle”… 🙂 But it is really beautiful… in some of photos seems so shy 🙂 You are amazing dear Rob, Thank you, love, nia

    • Thanks It is a special eagle, with a flight that I can watch forever… it just seems to float on the air, so effortless, you can actually see him catching and playing the updrafts, without having to even flap his wings… so graceful in flight…

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