Pied Kingfisher. (A Pre-set Post)

Pied Kingfisher (Ceryle rudis)

I’m not here, but on the road, BUT I was worried you might miss me whilst I’m away, so set this to post on Sunday. I might even get some time to answer your comments from the last few days.

But lets get back to this little fisherman. A very proficient hunter, that  with their black and white plumage, crest and the habit of hovering over clear lakes and rivers before diving for fish, makes it distinctive.

This kingfisher feeds mainly on fish, (maybe that’s why it’s called a kingfisher) although it will take crabs and large aquatic insects such as dragonfly larvae. It usually hunts by hovering over the water looking for prey and diving vertically down bill-first to capture fish.

When not foraging, they have a straight rapid flight and have been observed flying at nearly 32 mph. Fast little fellow that makes capturing him in flight not that easy.. Don’t want to recall how many times I’ve tried to capture this little bird whilst in hover.. when I press the shutter button is when he decides to dive, leaving me with a shot of the clear blue sky… however I have captured it once or twice….

tania.. blue crane 079

This is a male hovering,,, distinguishable by the band on his throat….

tania.. blue crane 053

And this is a female with the single gorget that is often broken in the middle.



and now just to confuse you, and me, a stripe and gorget split…. Is this bird Bisexual?? No actually it’s a male…

tue 19-07-2011 135

tue 19-07-2011 132

“SPLASH” did she get it..??

tania 116

Well this one did….

game res 18-07-2011 204

42 thoughts on “Pied Kingfisher. (A Pre-set Post)

  1. I can tell by your shots this Kingfisher is extremely fast! Seems like a small but proficient fisherman/hunter. I love its markings and features.

  2. Yet again, you’ve done well to capture these shots. In my experience Kingfishers don’t stay still for long and are difficult to capture in flight – good to see.

  3. Oh, these are so beautiful bulldog and as usual you captivated their beauty perfectly! Thanks for sharing my friend. 😀 *big hugs*

  4. They are amazing birds. Can you imagine diving into the water and then when you pop up, jumping up out of the water and flying away? I can’t even begin to imagine jumping up out of the water, never mind the flying part.

  5. I hope you have a pleasant time … being on the road – and that you enjoy yourself as you always do.
    This is a very pretty and little cheeky bird. Amazing photos … all of them and specially when try their wings – excellent job. He looks much bigger than the Kingfishers I seen along river Avon in UK. Much bigger. The last photo is priceless … the dinner is big as him. *smile

      • Bob, great news from the road.
        He looks so big on your photos when comparing with the surroundings. Slightly bigger than the UK ones then … thanks for taking the time to answer. Wonderful photos, Bob.

  6. That last one is one happy bird! Thanks for thinking of us…and of course we miss you! Success on the road. BTW, coastingnz is not the only one having trouble posting comments. It must be a WordPress thing as it has occurred with other blogger sites as well. I have started getting into the habit of copying my replies before I hit the “post”, just in case it fails and I have to resend.

    • Thanks Mrs.P… had that problem myself, also went through a period where I had to approve my own comments as well… WP at its most trying…
      Enjoying the trip still got a lot of ground to cover…

  7. Love it, Bulldog! And what a nice surprise to find….it was thoughtful to think of all of us. Hope your trip is going well. Be safe. Take tons of photos! 🙂 Enjoy, Dear Friend

  8. gorgeous birds. Having trouble with our internet – not always letting me post comments for some reason. But love your posts as always! Have a good time away. Very clever how you’ve set this to post without you….. have no idea how you do that!

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