51 thoughts on “Photos shots that weren’t quite right… pre-set.. still away.

  1. At least with digital photography we do have to wait days to find out our photos are only fit for the bin. Trying to capture shots of wildlife in its natural environment is far more satisfying than watching any so called TV reality show.

  2. This gave me a great chuckle this morning! I cannot tell you how many times I have reviewed my downloaded shots only to have not one single animal in the photo. 🙂

    • This happens to all of us LuAnn… took nearly 50 photos of a sunbird whilst away… 10 had no bird at all… and I could have sworn it was there when I pressed the button…

  3. hehehehe, love the captions as usual bulldog and yep, I have lots of photo’s like that too. It’s not us that took bad photo’s… ahem … it was the subjects that didn’t stand still or the way we wanted them to. LOL! However, loved seeing them and know you are not alone. You made a great example of them. Shame on them for not posing correctly. hehhehehe
    *big hugs*

    • Thanks Sonel… I dont blame the subjects… it must be the cameras fault, or am I wrong?? I always blame my Golf Clubs for a bad round, can’t be me…LOLOL.. what do they say a bad operator always blames his tools… that’s me…lol

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