Remember the Bad Shots?

Do you remember this shot from my bloopers??


Well guess what,? I found it’s head whilst in the KN Park…. The lost head of a Helmeted Guineafowl, found 400 km. away…

Mind you if I had a head like that I’d also hide it … Ugly thing… nearly as ugly as me…

trip 185

It came real close to let me know where it had gone to…

trip 186

trip 187

50 thoughts on “Remember the Bad Shots?

  1. What an unusual bird and yes I remember the bad shots. Somehow as I am walking along I manage to somehow take shots of my foot. I often wonder whether I can make use of these pictures.

  2. Hehe love this and your commentary….though I beg to differ dear sir… are rather handsome if I do say so myself… 😀 !!! The bird….not so much haha! Still great shot though…you never disappoint with your photos!

  3. You are adorable and funny! These are not bad shots. What you deliver to each one of us who follows you captivates each one of us!

  4. Welcome back Bulldog after a fruitful mission. Glad you found 6 hours to visit your favourite location KNP and whet our appetites once again with awesome photoshoots. The headless ugly bugly was hilarious. Let’s call the guineafowl Marie Antoinette, shall we? LOL.

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