How did my idea start… Red-eyed Bulbul.

My recent return from the Kalahari was a long haul in a car for seven hours driving time, but we made it home safely and for that we should be grateful…

My recent post from down under in the Kalahari was one that I thought I’d been clever… (IF YOU MISSED IT CLICK HERE), but how did this begin.?? I had halved an orange to share with my Grand Daughter and put it down to go and fetch her… and to my surprise on returning I had to run for the camera… see for your self what I saw….



Where did they come from.?? But when the Red-Eyed Bulbuls were joined by the Orange River White Eye, the fate of my Grand Daughters Orange was sealed…


And that is when the idea struck me for a feeder… “Sorry Jadie.. Oupa Love will bring more oranges next time”.. the birds got them all…