How did my idea start… Red-eyed Bulbul.

My recent return from the Kalahari was a long haul in a car for seven hours driving time, but we made it home safely and for that we should be grateful…

My recent post from down under in the Kalahari was one that I thought I’d been clever… (IF YOU MISSED IT CLICK HERE), but how did this begin.?? I had halved an orange to share with my Grand Daughter and put it down to go and fetch her… and to my surprise on returning I had to run for the camera… see for your self what I saw….



Where did they come from.?? But when the Red-Eyed Bulbuls were joined by the Orange River White Eye, the fate of my Grand Daughters Orange was sealed…


And that is when the idea struck me for a feeder… “Sorry Jadie.. Oupa Love will bring more oranges next time”.. the birds got them all…




78 thoughts on “How did my idea start… Red-eyed Bulbul.

  1. I’m sure your grand daughter forgave you for giving away her orange. 😉
    We put out bananas for the Loeries and they love that! If you do it at a specific time each day eventually they come and call you if you’re running a few minutes late.

    • Funny I’m doing the same here in Pta, yet cannot get them to come down to the feeder, they sit fairly high in the tree and you can see they are looking at it but won’t come down while I’m in near proximity… but as with all things nature the urge will beat the worry when they realise I’m not a threat …

  2. That’s amazing to watch them enjoy the oranges. I know that we have black-eyed bulbuls, but I’ve never seen red-eyed! I don’t expect to, though. I’m content to visit yours. You have some great photography! 🙂

    • Thanks so much… we have three types of Bulbuls but this one seems the most difficult to capture on film… this certainly made it easier… and I still consider it an act of Nature…

  3. What wonderful synchronicity! You inadvertently offer a treat of white eyed orange which attracts the orange eyed Red-Eyed Bulbuls and the Orange River White Eye too. Whew! Your interest and caring is truly magnetic. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh dear Rob, I am speechless now… These are so beautiful, so lovely and so creative… I fall in love with them. (Should I give lemon to my birds too 🙂 I wonder now) Thank you, love, nia

    • Thanks Nia… Oranges are eaten by startings as well… and I see you have posted photos of starlings… so give it a try… you must have fruit eaters there as well…

  5. Incredible! I could put out 20 fruit salads and never have THAT happen!! Only you, Oupa!! (Love that by the way…it fits!) Have a great start to your week. I am so glad you are both home safe after the long car ride. 🙂

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