Orange River White-eye.. another visitor to my invention..

Orange River White-eye (Zosterops pallidus)

This species is about 12 cm long with rounded wings, strong legs, and a conspicuous ring of white feathers round the eyes. There are a few sub-specie to the White-eye and how you tell them apart is not easy.. the colour of the body or chest is usually the give away sign…

They are very vocal, and constantly keep in touch with soft trilled pee, pree or pirreee.

This is a sociable species forming large flocks outside the breeding season. It builds a cup nest in a tree and lays 2-3 unspotted pale blue eggs. The eggs hatch in 11–12 days, and fledging occurs in another 12–13 days. The peak breeding season is September to December.

The Orange River White-eye feeds mainly on insects, but also soft fleshy flowers, nectar, fruit and small grains.

It apparently readily comes to bird feeders….



Just realised it is almost the same size as a small orange…



Whooowa what was that that flew by…???




51 thoughts on “Orange River White-eye.. another visitor to my invention..

  1. They are totally adorable bulldog and you’ve captured them so well! They look a lot like the ‘Kraalogies’ that visit us now and then. Thanks for sharing. 😀 *big hugs*

  2. Wonderful photographs. I told my children that the next time we go to the store we have to buy a few extra oranges and apples. They asked why? For a pie maybe? Ummmm…no, to nail to our trees, of course!! Thanks for stirring it up at my house so many times, Bulldog!! 😀 Hugs!!

    • Thanks … yes I’m sure the word spread fast, what started off as two Bulbuls quickly joined by a white-eye, soon became a tree full…. and that I’m sure is what we call bush telegraph…

  3. How much time does it take for them eat a halved orange? I remember going hiking with my students while camping and I had left a whole watermelon out. By the time we got back the birds had eaten about a third of it.

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