Remember 9/11?

Another poem by Alf Hutchison, poet extraordinaire and good friend….

Can you recall where you were, September nine/eleven?
When all hell did brake loose; from Kamikaze heaven,

In disbelief, you watched aghast… another plane, another blast.

Can you recall your disbelief, when Pan Am hit those Towers?
Proud symbols to a decadent world, of capitalistic powers;

Twin phallic symbol monuments… to green backs, dollars, cents.

Can you recall those heinous scenes; gut wrenching, grim and dire?
The New York skyline so unique, engulfed in smoke and fire,

This was no false illusion… Pandora’s Box of mass confusion,

Can you recall saying farewell, to those who died in vain?
Giving thanks to firemen; friends, you’d never see again,

Saluting unsung heroes… with your tears of grief and woes.

Can you recall the Israeli news; so grotesquely vile and sour?
Palestinians singing in the streets; praising ‘Islam’s finest hour’!

Never will we be the same…Jihadist joy, now Islam’s shame.

Can you recall having pondered, before that fateful flight?
A second ‘Viet Nam’ would rage; with not an end in sight

Times have changed now in The West… Jihad won’t let free man rest.

Can you recall when on your knees, praising God through prayer and song,
Protect our nation, even though, in the eyes of God, we have gone wrong,

A Saviour stands now in the wings…He is Lord of lords and King of kings.
Choose now America, Hell or Heaven…or have you all forgotten…nine/eleven?

Alf Hutchison Author “Sounds of Distant Drums”


Southern Masked Weaver.. another visitor to the fruit salad tree…

I have posted on the Southern Masked Weaver before so won’t bother boring you with all sorts of details about the bird… but suffice it to say, they came to visit my “fruit salad” tree… never noticed before how aggro the bird looks, or maybe he didn’t like the paparazzi sitting there with a camera… see for yourself… 






and this is what the female looks like… she chased the male off the orange, cheeky B…….