More Birds at the Fruit Salad Tree…









49 thoughts on “More Birds at the Fruit Salad Tree…

  1. Your fruit salad tree is a natural studio for small birds – I have an apple tree that attracts the wasps – I shall open up a few apples and see what birds come to visit as well. Will they prefer apples to the bird feeder?

  2. Way to go Rob. The colourful and tasty salad tree offers a tropical paradise for the excited birds. I am actually sad that they will Miss Oupa Love’s mouth-watering treats.

    • Son, or little Bulldog, has been given strict instructions to feed them everyday… bet he doesn’t do it everyday but he will feed them he loves birds almost as much as I do… and seeing this has worked so well in his yard, I’m sure he won’t forget them…

  3. Bulldog, this is a wonderfully funny post with amazing photos included! Your sense of humor and talent shine!! Thank you for giving us all here a chuckle.

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