This is just a start up post..

Well she has finally done it… let me introduce you to my wife, don’t believe everything she says about me…



Hi all,

Bulldog has managed to get me to blog at last. He expected me to do it on his laptop, yet he is so busy I never get a chance to use it.

Now I have my own iPad I will be able to follow and read all the fantastic bloggers from which he constantly  reads post of.

Please have a little good-natured tolerance with my posting as I will be slow to begin, but hope to share a little about my cancer battle and my present remission after having three different types. Twenty years of battle finally won.?? I hope so, and I hope that I can encourage many and inspire others to fight with a smile on their faces. The battle can be won, and specially with that “Jesus Hug” I experienced.

The Bulldog has been a great staff for me to lean on throughout this battle, even though…

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16 thoughts on “This is just a start up post..

  1. A beautiful post the makes you smile. And the picture had me almost choked with my coffee. Irresistible funny. Welcome to the blogging world. It’s great to meet the inspiration behind an amazing man.

    • Adair WordPress is actually very easy when one looks past all the difficult language they use at set up… need help let me know I can probably help you over the internet…

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