Is it a Bird or a Plane…

Early one morning whilst in the lowveld, cup of tea in hand, I saw a trail. Had to try and photo this bird…

trip 046

trip 049

trip 052

trip 053

trip 055

trip 058


56 thoughts on “Is it a Bird or a Plane…

  1. Super shots bulldog. As a commercial pilot I always appreciate photos of planes. I’m the one always running outside to crane my neck to the skies. We’re just off the down wind leg of runway 7 left at Daytona International Airport so there’s always something going on around here.

    • Thanks Joey… flight something I have loved all my life, starting on the border in helicopters to commercial to the many microlight flights I’ve had, has me doing just that, running everytime I hear one…
      Jan Smuts one runway approach is near to where we live in Pta and when the wind is right we get to sit on the stoep and watch all the commercial planes heading in… we are also near Waterkloof Air Force base so when the military are practicing their touch and goes we get to have them fly overhead… I even spend time near Jan Smuts capturing flights as they come and go, just for the love of it… this one I never even heard…

    • Yep it just astounded me that I could not hear it so early in the morning when so quiet… one wonders how many pass overhead everyday that we don’t know about…

  2. Great images, Bulldog! It’s just so sad that they’re still spraying us, isn’t it? These are chemtrails. Usually full of barium, aluminum, things of that nature. Please do a Google image search for chemtrails. XOXOX

  3. From someone who has a flying school and an airport just a stone’s throw away, I hadn’t thought of these iron birds being such a fascination. I think the only time I noticed them their absence was right after 9/11 when all the planes were grounded…it truly was an eery silence.

    By the way, your quick zoom rapid camera shots are fantastic!

    • Thanks Mrs.P. I have always been fascinated by planes and have 100s of photos of them… all shapes and sizes… some how flight fascinates me, from birds to planes, to the extent that planes like the Hercules C 4 military plane with it’s short take off and landing, I’m sure was designed after a person sat and studied the vulture, in landing they look so alike…

  4. Enjoyed your B & W shot the best Bulldog, which for me is more atmospheric, and helped by the graininess of the image.

  5. We are privileged to view your wide range of photos and read your accompanying serious and witty comments so it is really a two way street of good old-fashioned Rhodesian friendship…….! Happy to be on board Bulldog. Until again. 🙂

  6. These are fantastic, Bulldog!! How you manage to get such great shots amazes me! I do not get many planes flying overhead at all here. When one happens to come into our airspace it is a big deal! Seeings these was great….it reminded me of when I lived in New York, and they were a common occurrence. Great work!!

  7. My first reaction was this had to be a jet’s trail. A bird, impossible. To capture this powerful and majestic moment of the iron bird takes some photography…! Bulldog you never fail to entertain us with your awesome photography shared with us. Merci beaucoup mon ami.

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