A long shot of a flying Egyptian Goose..

Sometimes things don’t work out as you would like… you go out to test a bit of photos of flying ducks etc.… and nothing wants to fly nearby… so you extend that zoom beyond normal and try to photo the birds afar… this is the result… just a bit of fun…




42 thoughts on “A long shot of a flying Egyptian Goose..

  1. Not bad from distance bulldog…what focal length did you use? I do wish wildlife would be more cooperative when you want to take their picture.

  2. Rob , you got the EG Solo Red Bull flight here in great detail. Time to put down the Nikons , Canons , strip the Camo sleeves on the 500’s & 600’s to dry the tears with and pay respect to …… frigging good photo’s.

    • Thanks … so many times I sit at this hide and have the ducks fly right by us… yesterday, nothing except this long shot… wish they would better co-operate like good models should…

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