Back in Kruger: 20 September 2013

This is what I call an absolutely privileged sighting in the Kruger National Park. The De Wets were lucky to run into the biggest tusk carrier alive in the park today… and that is a privilege… have a look at that photo…


14 thoughts on “Back in Kruger: 20 September 2013

    • This one I have not seen myself… Duke, also one of the past greats, I saw quite often before he managed to break both tusks and finally died from natural causes and not by the gun… one cannot describe the thrill of running into one of these legendary animals…

    • That’s a good point Col… sometimes I read that people come across Rhino accompanied by guards, I wonder if he doesn’t have a silent follower, those guys are so good at disappearing into the bush, we’d probably never see them…

  1. The elephant – the most majestic of God’s creations in my opinion. Enjoy your time in the park – so very very jealous – one day it will be me, one day – I’ve bought a lotto ticket so fingers crossed……

    • Thanks coastingnz, but this is a shared blog of one I follow that is in the park… I wish it was me seeing that beauty… but if you win that lotto let me know I’ll set up your tour this side for you for free… just so I’m insured you see all that I’d love you to see….

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