Our Life Together.

A poem that came to me after reading my wife’s blog and her cancer story… CLICK HERE TO READ IT


Life is a paragon of instances to enjoy,

the life and times of being a young boy,

the growing up to become a man,

in a world of those that don’t give a damn.


The fleeting glimpses of the one to marry,

yet the times we take and times we parry,

to ensure that we have plenty of fun,

before the date and deed is done.


And when we finally take the step,

to take that wife and have her accept,

a proposal to spend so much time,

enjoying her life and sharing in mine.


The time we spend being together,

going through life’s changing weather,

accepting all that God may send,

for us to raise and to attend.


And when the children fly the coop,

together we will continue to stoop,

to grow through age, its ups and downs,

and snuggle beneath winters eiderdowns.


And when the time comes for one to greet,

that moving on, the Almighty to meet,

let our lives and memories be a testament,

how our life together was meant to be spent.


A poem from the Bulldog.

78 thoughts on “Our Life Together.

    • Thank you Inga… it is a flash in the pan… I so love poetry and just can never sit and write when I want to… but then something will happen and it comes at a speed faster than I can type so write it down in pen… then the moment is gone… but this one was a special that wrote itself, well almost…

  1. Lovely poem! You saw my comment about my (lack of) poetic ability. Sorry all I had to offer was Fosters beer. Name a good South African brand, and I’ll try to have some when you drop in again. 😀

    • That I did mate… and I suffer the same problem.. I think I’ve only managed this a few times when the brain is stimulated by either a freeze or fart… I actually wish I could do it more often… See if you can get hold of Castle and I will know you’re drinking a good beer.. I no longer drink, gave up 25 years ago, had had my allowance for life by that stage.. but any cool drink will do…

  2. Wow Bulldog that is absolutely beautiful! I am with Skye – so glad you get so moved to share such lovely words – not just words but your raw emotions. Hugs from Downunder – you’ve brought a tear to my eye….

  3. My friend, you and your wife’s story of love, courage and faith inspires me and all that reads this inspiring poetry. This post sums up the hope and prayer of every person who wish to spend the rest of his/her life with the one she/he said I do’s. God bless you and your family.

  4. Very nice … and what a talent you’re … I’m not a poem reader, but this I could relate to and understand. Lovely poem. Beautfil words .. beautiful heart and soul.

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