Kalahari Scrub Robin.. another difficult bird..

Kalahari Scrub Robin (Erythropygia paena)

It is sometimes known as the Sandy Scrub Robin. It is found in northern South Africa, where it occurs in sandveld with low trees and scrub, on the edges of woodland, and in savannah. It will also inhabit human-altered environments including old fields and gardens.

But it won’t come to me and it won’t stand still… Urgh… it has taken me a while to capture these poor photos, but at least I can say now I’ve taken his photo…

It is a seasonal breeder, August to February, peaking in November. The species is monogamous and territorial, protecting sizes varying from 0.7 – 4.3 ha. Females build the nest, weaved of shrubs and grasses in low thorny bushes. The nest building stage takes around 5 days.

The average clutch size is around 2 eggs, although the go big later in the season. Only the female sits on the eggs and the male defends the nest, aggressively attacking intruders and warning when predators approach.

The incubation lasts around 12 days. When hatched the female removes the eggshells and drops them away from the nest to disguise the nest from  predators. Both parents help in feeding the chicks and removing the faecal sacks.

Here’s the poor photos, but they are photos…..   Click on the photo to enlarge them…









57 thoughts on “Kalahari Scrub Robin.. another difficult bird..

    • Thank you Chris.. still need better ones for my records… need to be better lit and sharper before I’m happy… but it’s there now for the records, just needs an upgrade…

  1. la grande versatilità di passare dal grande ( ippopotamo) al piccolo ( delizioso pettirosso)
    arte della foto

    the great versatility to move from large (Hippo) to small (delicious Robin)
    photo art

  2. I’ve taken a lot worse bulldog, but I know what you mean. As a keen photographer, you are never satisfied if you feel you can do better. Just this week I had the chance to photo a bird of prey (large for UK) in a neighbour’s garden through a window. I got one shot before it flew off and it could have been so much better.

  3. These photos look fine to me! I appreciate your including fun facts about the creatures you share with us. Robin looks like a perky little guy. I don’t know why, but in photo#5 I can almost visualize it wearing a little red coat with two rows of gold buttons in front.

  4. Poor photo’s? Oh never bulldog! These are just truly gorgeous and it’s always so great to see these beauties pop up when I open your blog my friend. I am learning so much about all kinds of birds and animals here. Thanks for sharing. 😀 *big hugs*

    • Thanks Sonel… I’m sure you agree that they are fine for a blog, but not for a record… need more light to enhance the colours and bring out the true beauty of the bird…

      • Maybe it’s because I don’t care about the records that I truly enjoy your photo’s so much bulldog. I still think you’ve portrayed them very well and that the shots you took were stunning. 😀

    • They are not that bad but not good enough for a record… need to get more of the actual colour of the bird and a slightly better focus… but thank you all the same… yep they’re good but not good enough for my record.. not happy with them…

    • I most certainly will… these move so fast that you almost feel the need to do so as well, and any jerk on your part gets it moving again… not an easy situation… it has taken me so long to learn to control that “urge to move and follow, but rather to wait they often return” routine, that seldom works on this little one…

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