Spotted Thick-knee.. not a sickness I have…

Spotted Thick-knee (Burhinus capensis)

Oh this bird just amuses me, not because of it’s nature but because of it’s name… I have posted on this bird before and to see that post CLICK HERE.

The poor birds name sounds like a strange sickness that you must beware of when walking in the forest… I found these two sitting quietly observing what I was up to…


Does he not look unhappy about the name he has been given ?? Sounds like a schoolboy nickname for some un-sporty type…


And her sitting on eggs too… or hiding her thick knees… not sure which…


42 thoughts on “Spotted Thick-knee.. not a sickness I have…

    • Well I wish I knew… but a friend of mine described it as such.. (another bird photographer)…

      You may ponder a bit about the listing of the names. It started with the English Thick-knee and Afrikaans Dikkop . Why did the same bird get two such divergent names in the common observation in the wild ? Put in your mind that a very sharp eye is staring at you.

      It’s all about the habits of the early explorers , done and dusted.
      The Englishmen were prone to imbibing Port which caused a touch of the old gout in the toe and required some explanation for a “Thick Knee ”
      The Afrikaners at some stage discovered Klipdrift & Coke and I can only trace the common nomenclature into the 1980’s. consequence the thick head (dikkop)
      The Dutch of the famous First Settlement at Caap de Goede Hoop must have had some serious stuff in hand to call it Kaapse Griel , possibly the result of Oude Jenever .

  1. haha before I read your commentary and just saw the title I was thinking it could be an insult in some country somewhere. I can see a taxi driver yelling out the window, get out of the way you spotted thick knee!

    • Oh dear I think that is happening to all of us… but then I like to think my brain is still developing and it has nowhere else to go, so it moved down to my waist line…
      But as we age we should become cuddly, this is natural, don’t you remember your Grandparents when you were just a child.?? They were cuddly and had that lovely old person scent about them that just exuded love.. I’ve convinced myself that is where I am now….

  2. “Hiding her think knees” lolol So funny!!! Great shots, Bulldog!! She’s just an angry looking bird. Or, maybe she felt you mocking her and her poor knees.

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