When You Come to the End…

When you come to the end of a lollipop,
To the end, to the end, of a lollipop,
When you come to the end of a lollipop,
Plop goes your heart!


Gilly Oh golly, how I love my lolly,
Down to the very last lick,
But when you are through with it, what can you do with it,
All you have left is the stick.


Gilly Oh golly, how I love my lolly,
Come winter and summer and spring.
But when you are done it’s about as much fun,
As a yoyo without any string.


Thank you Max Bygraves for the use of your lyrics to brighten up the day of my followers..

59 thoughts on “When You Come to the End…

  1. Now that was so delightful bulldog. You certainly brightened my day. I hope you remembered to get me a lollipop as well…hehehe
    Great shots of these beautiful furries my friend. Thanks for sharing. πŸ˜€ *hugs*

  2. Great photos they all have texture, like the words too, thanks for making me smile today, yo are so clever Bulldog. Have a great weekend!

  3. Funny time for you to share this. My granddaughter was visiting me yesterday, I gave her a choice of two lollie: plain candied or a tootsie pop. When she picked the plain lollie, I explained that she most likely would enjoy the tootsie better. We took off to town. Suddenly she yells, “grandma,grandma”.

    To this I reply, LOL, “Yes Liza”. She says,” there is chocolate in the middle. I was trying to understand what she was talking about and then I remember the lollie. :o) “Yes Liza there is chocolate in the middle”. The moral of the story is grandma always know best…. Hahaha.

    Happy friday go have a lollie right?

    • Thank you so much.. it is a pleasure to meet you and may you enjoy all you see… I do add more birds than animals there being more, and sometimes I go off on a tangent and pretend to be what I’m not… but welcome aboard the Bulldog train and hope you have a pleasant ride…

  4. Mischievous looking character, especially in the first photo. Does this mean you admit to having a Max Bygraves record in your collection?

    • I used to have one from many many years ago… I think it was my Moms… but somehow the words just came into my head today and I did a google search for the song…

  5. That first one looks like he’s almost posing and my first impression was…aw, how cute…then I remembered they were weasel’s, probably annoying as heck. Loved the nursery rhyme…very catchy.

  6. Oh my…it certainly did brighten my morning!! And again, my kids will love this post! The pictures are wonderful….the whole post is fantastic. Thanks, Bulldog!

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