A few More I’ve Played with…

And some of the cats I’ve captured…

Kalagadi 1311AA

Kalagadi 1278AA

Kalagadi 478AA

Kalagadi 451AA

Mon 25-07-2011 259AA

Mon 25-07-2011 237AA

Mon 25-07-2011 215AA

Kalagadi 464AA


74 thoughts on “A few More I’ve Played with…

  1. These are amazing – did someone give these kitties a wash before the photo shoot? I didn’t expect to see their manes that clean and well looked after.

  2. Hi Rob…I’m still undecided on the addition of circular frames, but it does work very well on four or five of these excellent shots. The last one for me is not to the same standard as the others as it is too cluttered. I agree with Mrs P’s comments about the 3rd shot (left side), however, I think potentially this is a great shot. I really like the dark/black background (right side).

    • Thanks Brian… we love the third, don’t ask why, but when you see it in the square frame it looks totally different… it has been an interesting exercise and specially the comments I’ve got from friends here on the ground, the different feelings are indicative of different strokes for different folks… so we will go with a fair spread of all frames…

  3. They do look so cuddly. Are you thinking of selling them, the pictures not the lions!! I have a niece in Australia who just loves lions and am going to visit them for the first time in February.

    • Yes Betty doing a bit of editing at present and collecting 50 odd to have printed and will test the sales at a flea market and book shop owned by a friend… just to see what happens…

  4. Ah these BIG CATS how beautiful they are… you did a wonderful series dear Rob, Thank you, I am going to my own BIG cat 🙂 she is sleeping but lets me to caress her. Thanks and Love, nia

  5. I’ve been experimenting with circles as well. Yo cats look great…really drives the attention to the features. The only on that is off a bit was the 3rd one, because of the shadows he looks a bit deformed…my opinion. One of the drawback of asking what people think is that some of us will actually tell you, lol.

    I am so glad that you are actively promoting selling your work. I have always felt that you had work that needed to be published…broadly.

    • I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t expect honesty Mrs. P. and thank you for doing just that… funny how tastes differ, Linda and I have just 5 minutes ago decided, that one we intend to keep for ourselves… But knowing where we were and when might gives us a different memory of the occasion… I’m experimenting with more of my bird photos and will post a few as well… but thank you.. any feedback is better from someone who isn’t buying, than from someone that is standing and looking at them…

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