Pictures for printing..

I’ve often seen peoples photos in A4 size printed with a circular frame and being sold to the general public… I experimented with a few of mine today and wonder if I could sell them… I have dome a few that I like and printed for myself… what do you think….??

Kalagadi 772AA




Kalagadi 890AA

Kalagadi 801AA


trip 185A

Try and imagine it in a frame…..


68 thoughts on “Pictures for printing..

  1. I don’t know if you know this but I LOVE WOODPECKERS! That is a BEAUTIFUL shot! The Squirrel was awesome too! Love those little paws!

  2. Good idea and worth trying. It’s interesting to see which photos your followers prefer. I would go for the first one, as I like the way it fills the frame. Generally, I find myself liking the square format more and more, which also focuses attention on the subject. The circle or oval shape within the square or rectangle works, but personally I would probably choose one without and just let the frame show off the photo. Either way, they look good.

    • Thanks Brian… I’ve actually been working in both circular and square and the next posts will be the same subjects but in square frame work… interesting how peoples likes differ…

  3. Very impressive looking pictures. First time I think I’ve seen them circular like that, but the look very sellable. Whether better like that or better A4 size framed format is difficult to say,need to compare them both. Probably both sellable.

  4. Photos 2 and 3 are my favorites. You always do a beautiful job capturing animals….even the last guy looks pretty good, even though he has a face only a mother could love 😆

    • I love the 3rd photo and yes that guinea fowl head is an ugly one but surprising so many people love these birds… Linda’s first shop was called the Guinea Fowl..

  5. Bulldog, these are excellent. It is my family’s general concencus that we would buy all of them except for the scary one. 🙂 Your work is so impressive. We are huge fans!!

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