Kgalagardi Transfrontier Park… Where I want to be…

Oh when I die,

my soul to the sky,

here I want to stay,

and continuously play.

This is to me the best place on the earth, Hot? Oh yes in January it can get as high as 45 C (113 F). Cold? Oh yes July can go as low as –6 C (20 F). But it still remains the best place on earth. Sand and dunes, arid and dry, rain? What’s that? It does rain here occasionally and then all the animals come out to play…

But apart from the animals, the raptors, the big Cats, the little cats, the squirrels and small birds, the scenery is just something else… look at these… 


lens photos 026

lens photos 010

lens photos 163

lens photos 179

lens photos 240

lens photos 252

lens photos 257

lens photos 283

lens photos 291

lens photos 306

lens photos 318lens photos 340

lens photos 301

lens photos 350

lens photos 353

70 thoughts on “Kgalagardi Transfrontier Park… Where I want to be…

  1. I am in absolute awe of your life and your talent of photography. You are blessed. Phenomenal shots and interesting to say the least.

  2. You have the most interesting creatures in your neck of the woods (or shall I say desert), particularly that one holding up a drink. 😉 Hope your dreams and prayers are answered. 🙂

  3. Love the toilet in the middle of nowhere and especially love the pic of you and Linda on the Deck enjoying your perfect evening.

  4. When the rains finally come to the desert, I can just imagine the relief and joy of the animals, and the humans for that matter. Wonderful scenery for you to capture in your photos.

  5. Just stunning – gosh, 45’C is way too hot for me. I wilt at about 35’C! Really…anything above 32’C you’ll mostly find me hiding out in some water till it passes.

  6. For me these pictures are pictures like in a book, and almost unbelievable that you have been there. It seems for me so remote that people visit there, in must be a dream. You are so lucky to be able to see such wonderful nature and wildlife and I fully understand that you want to go back there.

  7. It’s beautiful bulldog and I guess you must be born for that kind of living. I grew up in Kimberley so I am not crazy about the heat and vlaktes. Also lived in Keetmanshoop and Upington for 4 years and although it’s lovely places, I prefer the mountains and greenery. Hope your wish come true my friend. Great shots! 😀 *big hugs*

      • I am sure it is bulldog. As I grew up in Kimberley I know the feeling but I guess in a previous life I must have been a monkey or baboon because I truly love the mountains and want to see trees and greenery around me. 😆

  8. Is there still a room for 2 adventurers? This is an amazing place to enjoy a sunset, pour a drink and simply enjoy life the way it’s meant to be . God bless you and your family my friend.

    • Thank you.. you would be more than welcome… sitting there enjoying the end of the day as the sun sets, the quiet settles over the area, the animals move down to drink, one feels like you’re all alone … it is marvelous…

    • Thank you… yep every now and then they have built toilets along the routes in the park… but one must beware there aren’t BIG CATS lying around .. brings one so close to nature it’s indescribable…

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