The Second Stumbling Block.. Oncocytoma

Linda’s second stumbling bloc post… for those who might have missed it…


It’s July 2006.

I awake one morning, look in the mirror and see that my neck is very swollen. So off to the Doctor I go and I’m diagnosed with the mumps. Well, for and old biddy like me this was hilarious.

Anyway, six weeks later my neck was still swollen so back to the Doctor I go for the third time. He then sends me to see a (maxillofacial surgeon) face, jaw and neck specialist, who promptly sends me for a CT scan. When the results were in, the Doctor took one look at the pictures, he whistled, used a word that I cannot blog, looked at Rob and me in amazement and said he has never seen anything like this before.

Apparently around my jaw and neck area there where about ninety small growths. So the Doc, under a local proceeds to remove one of the growths (giving…

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