72 thoughts on “Why One Should Use Sunscreen.

  1. You are too funny. Great up close shots of these wrinkles! Most definitely use sunscreen. Excellent photos!

  2. I swear I have seen A MILLION images of elephants and I have NEVER seen images like these! AMAZING TRULY CONGRATS!

  3. Those are laughter wrinkles Rob and I am sure that huge beauty is going to need buckets full of sunscreen to cover his body. LOL!
    Great shots as usual my friend. Elephants are such amazing and beautiful animals. 😀 *hugs*

    • Thanks Sonel… I think we can learn from this animal, we need to accept our wrinkles as a sign of life, the life we’ve lived and to wear them rather as medals .. lol.. Clever Elephant always teaching us lessons..

  4. Like these close-ups Rob, which show off his or her character lines very well…and you know you’re getting old when your eyebrows go grey and need a trim!

  5. Although many of us learned too late the benefits of sunscreen (don’t leave home without it anymore), I think we will move beyond this life to the next before we approach anything that looks like this. 😉 Very nice detail captured here Bulldog. 🙂

  6. Good heavens above!! Thanks for the warning, bulldog. I hope it’s not too late. 🙂 Fabulous close-ups. I’m not letting you near me with your powerful camera lens. 😯

  7. I have never seen an elephant so close, amazing skin…..sometimes I wished for an elephant skin….. just not so many wrinkles, I can start counting mine now too…. no I don’t really…. hehe

  8. Not so sure those are laugh lines. They tend to lose a sense of humour when you ask them how one fits four elephants into a Mini. They tear the Mini into four bits, put one quarter on eachof them, and say, ‘Like this!’

  9. Wrinkled maybe….but still gorgeously captured…. I just love your gift of sharing what you *see* with the majority of us who don’t get to view such wondrous variations of wildlife…with snappy fun commentary as well! You do spoil us!! 😉

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