“terratry” A pain pill or an vitamin?

“terratry” is software designed for analysing expenditure on the golf course.

An analogy used by software designers about software; is the software you’re about to purchase to cure a pain, or to ensure good health in your business?

I had never thought of software in this way and promptly looked at ours in a different light; was “terratry” a pain pill or vitamin? Was it designed to solve a problem, cure a pain, or was it to ensure good health?

I came to the conclusion it was for both; it can solve headaches as well as ensure good health, a bit of both; so what do we call it? A pain pill gives relief and makes one feel better but, it does not ensure good health. A vitamin is good for you but, it also cannot ensure good health.

The “terratry” pill however, can cure pain and ensure good health.

Used correctly it cures the pains of overspending, incorrect spending or not knowing where you are spending. It can also ensure good health by empowering the monitoring of expenditure; the “where’s it going” scenario is negated. It also allows for the interpretation of how to improve performance in the future, ensuring good health.

So where does “terratry” fall within the software designers analogy? I’d say we have a “cure all” pill, one of those miracle pills sought by all, which will cure the aches and pains of the golf maintenance business, as well as one that will ensure its good health.

For more information on this you can contact Rob at rob@terratry.com


26 thoughts on ““terratry” A pain pill or an vitamin?

  1. What an awesome way to look at it. In the fundraising world one would have acquistion and cultivation so to continue this thought you would have 2 strategies. Acquiring new clients – the pain pill – showing them how they can see where the money is spent and how they can best spend their money. And the cultivation – your existing clients – the vitamin – demonstrating how their software can be used efficiently and offering continued support through newsletters, workshops, etc. Just off the top of my head, I know there’s way more involved. 🙂

  2. Terretry is like an investment that pays its dividends down the road. As my hubby says when tackling a problem that is going to require an investment of time or money…pay now or pay later. Later usually cost more and hurts more. More people need to look at the longevity of their investments…too many want to make money instantly. Which made me think of one more thing about Terratry. People are spending money now to keep up their courses, Terrartry allows the liability to become an asset in which they can invest the savings into future.

    • That is exactly the message we try to get across… to save you can’t wait till the bailiff is standing at the door… spend now and save your investment or asset… Thanks Mrs.P.

  3. I hope sales are going well, however, I can fully appreciate the difficulties you may be having in persuading golf club owners and committees to part with their cash for potential future benefits.

    • Thanks Brian, it is going a little slower than we were hoping, but quite a few are waiting for the end of their financial year, even though that is by no means a criteria… It will spin in the end as a lot I demo for say we should have had this software out 2 years ago when the crunch being felt here started to happen…

    • You’re right Ronnie… there are so many golf courses facing financial difficulties, yet ask them where the millions being spent on the course is going and no one can tell you… yet all that are using the software are blown away after a couple of months to see they are spending money on the course where it is totally being wasted…

  4. A tool like this to me would be a tool of sustainability, assisting the user in running a sustainable business. Every business has wastage and if that wastage can be prevented it contributes to a healthy business.

        • That we have Alex… and we even held an international poll of golf course maintenance, builders and consultants asking the simple question “how important is it to know your spend profile?” 99% of those that responded say “very” and that is what our software is all about, that very important part of business… many clubs can say that 65% of their expenditure is on the upkeep of the course, but cannot tell you where it was used… our first software user discovered that they were spending more on labour for the bunkers than the greens. Bunkers being a hazard do not warrant that expenditure, Greens however are the most important…
          I have a blog that has a short demo of that exact study if your interested here is a link…

  5. Excellent written, Bob …. with your wit all over it. I wish all “pain killers” also was vitamins, but on the other hand can the two collide – so maybe be a bit cautious. *laughing
    My mom took a pain killer and a vitamin … and in combination they made her so ill.
    Seriously, I wish you all the best and success with your product – but it’s a slow process when it’s about software.

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