Common Shelduck.. What’s it doing here?

Common Shelduck (Tadorna tadorna)

I took a while to identify this duck, but then I’m not too good in this area, and surprise when I did it is widespread and common in Eurasia. Now that is fairly far from the tip of Africa. But I do like the Photos, and it was photographed here so I’m going to share them….

09-07-2012 075

09-07-2012 080

09-07-2012 082

And then he, like most birds, gives me the finger….

09-07-2012 085

56 thoughts on “Common Shelduck.. What’s it doing here?

  1. My favorite is the last one with his head in the water! You have such a gift for capturing animals at the perfect moment! I applaud you. Tremendous photos. Bravo!

  2. My favorite is the last one with his head in the water! You have such a gift for capturing animals at the perfect moment! I applaud you. Tremendous photos.

  3. I always love it when birds stick their backsides up in the air, such as in that last photo. Seriously Bulldog, I think these photos are some of the sharpest images I have seen in some time. New camera yet?

  4. Beautiful, graceful, awesome ducks. As a kid, my dad used to raise ducks and other farm animals. Me and my sisters would watch them hatch from eggs, witness their first swim in a pond and watch them grow. Fun times. Best wishes to your family.

    • Thank you .. even when I farmed I never had ducks as it is not something I eat… but they do fascinate me to a certain extent, there just seems to be too many none indigenous types spread around here that makes their ID very difficult… but thank you for the comment…

    • Thanks Maralee… one of my weaker points with birds is the ducks… too many introduced species mixed with the indigenous ones has always been a bit of a bugbear for me…

    • Well thank you for the visit and comment, i’ll be popping over to your site to see where you live, or if you leave a clue as to where you live… with migrating ducks I assume you live in a place that is either warm all year round or in the south where it is meant to be becoming summer.. but thanks for the compliment about my photos…

      • We’re in the Gulf Coastal plains area between Galveston/Houston TX. Usually pretty mild and beach open at Christmas…but we can have sleet and snow some years. May be a cold winter this year. Duck arrived in time to rest a bit, grab a snack and locate a nice dock to ride out the storm under.

    • Thanks it is not a duck i know and was surprised to find him… i had to research a lot to get a little detail thinking make a mistake on this one and I’ll bomb as I expect those in the northern hemisphere should know it..

  5. The duck appears to be watching you very carefully in the first photo, and the reflection is good. I also particularly like the composition in the third photo. As opposed to lions and tigers etc., we even have ducks out in the wild in England…lol

  6. A little duck, great shots …. love the one with the pair … what a difference in male and female, but no suprise. Butt shot great too – I don’t think he was giving you the finger … I think is was more about food. *smile

  7. This is going to sound a little kooky, but this gorgeous creature’s color combination of caramel, black and white has always been a favorite of mine. I’m glad you shared these photographs, they’re a reminder to me that all good things do come from nature.

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