Crested Barbet.. a visitor to the Pretoria fruit salad tree.

Crested Barbet (Trachyphonus vaillantii)

You can’t miss this bird with its very colourful plumage the Crested Barbet is unmistakable. This small bird has a speckled yellow and red face with a small black crest. The belly is yellow with red speckles, wings are black with white specks and it has a broad black band on its neck. Yellow head and body with black and white feathers, with red markings on the head of the body, its colour blends in so well in the bush. A coat of many colours.

But this one I’ve been trying to capture at the right time of the day.. but had to put up with bad light and all the wrong conditions that all the experts say you should not bother shooting in and captured him today at midday..

and now for the fashion show showing this years trends….

TaaDaaaaaaaa ….. Now for our first shot we show the black back with white flecks, very in fashion this season….


Notice the orange hues of the neck and darkening of the ears.. all make up should concentrate in this area for the season….


Red around the backside is very in this season so do concentrate on that and ensure your trailing tail is black with white dots….


Chew fruit this year rather than gum…. and dye the front of your hair red…


Note the red dye in the front of the head… (Red hair is in Blonde out) wear a black and white bib..


This gives one a better perspective of the black and white bib.. always wear yellow dress with red flecks or dots… very in this year Ladies…

please send full size photos of your like fashion to this site for critique from the fashion Guru…the Bulldog…


And that Ladies and Gentlemen concludes our fashion show for the day…

71 thoughts on “Crested Barbet.. a visitor to the Pretoria fruit salad tree.

  1. Love sitting in the front seat of your fashion show! This bird has so many brilliant colors. It just stands out for what seems like a little bird.

  2. I remember how we sat on the balcony when you took these photos, they came out beautifully. One objection though, I am a silver fox………now I hear that you prefer REDHEADS!!! Mrs. P, you and I will have to get together because this, is fighting talk. Run Bulldog…….Run……

    • The header is our famous Springboks… which play against your All Blacks… and unfortunately often lose…
      Thanks the bird is definitely one of many colours…

    • Keep your eyes open .. the birds are only just beginning to make their appearance again, don’t know where they’ve been hiding but they are slowly returning…

  3. You have me laughing so hard it makes me want to try to duplicate the fashion and send you the pic…but then I thought of having to dye my hair red and that killed the thought. What do you mean blonde’s are out? I have spent two years gradually trying to go from very dark brown to my natural grey…I mean silver. I’ve made it to blonde and my stylist swears it is the exact tone that others are trying to to get…so who’s fibbing here you…or my stylist? Would a stylist lie?

    • Oh dear Mrs. P. but blonde is definitely in for you… dark brown to foxy silver grey, a natural colour, has to pass through blonde.. you Stylist is just so right… But do they lie? you ask… mine has been telling me for the last 20 odd years that my hair will come back, its just in a rest period… now would she lie to me and my bald head.?.. I don’t think so… glad I gave you a laugh and hope none of my followers take up the fashion tips.. could be horrendous…

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