Lightening… I Try and Try yet Miss the Best.

Capturing Lightening on camera.

We had a lovely storm over Pretoria, with magnificent lightening. Camera out on the stoop and by setting the camera to take 7 photos, at a speed of 3 per second, one tries to anticipate the strikes. I managed to capture some, but not the best ones, oh well I’m sure that won’t be the last storm….

lightening 027-001

lightening 024-006

lightening 024-005

lightening 027

lightening 024-004

lightening 024-003

78 thoughts on “Lightening… I Try and Try yet Miss the Best.

  1. So so awesome!! I’ve never managed to capture any lightening and we have had a ton around my part of the world….increasingly so in this past year. Your photos are just so clear! I’ve heard of friends who will video a lightening storm then grab a still shot from the video. I shouldn’t be surprised you would capture lightening so very well!! 😉 Hugs & Blessings ~

  2. I’ll take your word for it that these aren’t the best, Rob. I think they’re pretty darned good! 🙂 It’s nice to pick up pointers from other photographers, though. I am sure you’ll keep practicing, but like I said, I like these. 🙂

    • Oh don’t get me wrong I’m ecstatic I managed to capture these… but there are some that are so beautiful, with multiple forks etc..those are the ones I’d like to capture as well…

  3. I sympathize, Rob. Whenever I try to get the sound of the wind or of the rain, as soon as I get the camera going, the wind dies. It’s as if some sounds are too beautiful to be caught in a recording…

    • Thanks it is one of those things you can do from a chair… that’s why I do it… you never see me posting on hikes and bike rides… I’m far to lazy…

  4. You may not like them, but I do!! Exciting 🙂 I keep missing your posts because they keep getting sent to
    “spam”…I mark them “not spam” and two days later I wonder why you’re not posting…they’re back in spam

  5. I’d say you managed to capture some pretty nice shots. Colorado has lots of lightening and although I’ve attempted to capture, I’m always seconds too late. So Kudos to you, no easy task 🙂

  6. Interesting Rob – I would like to try this, however, we do not get too many electrical storms in the UK.

    • The moon I find very difficult as well… the lightening is just anticipating the strike… if you get the timing right ..easy… but let me say, about 2% had lightening in the result … my guessing and the lightening’s strikes are not really in sync … lol

  7. Stunning electric shots captured by Rob behind the lens. Nothing escapes him. Electrifying storms over the Highveld are common the past 38 years living in Pretoria.

  8. I love lightning and thunder, something we have had quite often in Florida. Love seeing lightning in pictures too but never manged to catch it. The only drawback to mother natures wrath is that sometimes she does strike too close…one time hitting the house I happened to be visiting , catching it on fire. So, now I watch… but keep half an eye for the nearest escape route.

  9. This just so amazing – fantastic job here …. I don’t like thunder. Very powerful shots .. and it’s so difficult to take photos of lightning. We have a massive storm coming … over us, but no lighting.

  10. Howzit Rob. I have managed to get some success . Try doing a long exposure ,say 30 seconds with your is0 at 100 and the app at around 15 ,turning your app down with each shot to get the best results. This has worked for me. hope this helps and keep the photos coming !!

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