I’m Back and in a Neck Brace..

Well our trip was cut short due to a slight realignment of the cars aerodynamics. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt, but I get to wear the neck brace for whiplash….

marina beach 034

marina beach 026

I don’t recall that anywhere in the manual book this was given as an option, so I’m having it changed back to its original shape.

But we are back for now an will be back on the road when the car is fixed and the neck brace is off, so till then I’m back to bother you all on your posts, so start blogging again I’m back..

Mind you I see you were all busy the last ten days or so, nearly filled my email box completely, I actually did not know I could get so much mail in a box… if this had have been the old days they would have delivered my post in a sack… any way nice to be back, didn’t take too many photos .. worked too much but I do have some to share…