Speckled Mousebird.

Speckled Mousebird (Colius striatus)

This is the largest species of mousebird, as well as one of the most common.

These are conspicuously social birds, feeding together and engaging in mutual preening. They also accompany each other when they go to ground for a dust bath (also they occasionally swallow pebbles to assist in grinding up vegetation as they digest it).





Talk about birds wanting their photos taken…. this is going too far…


59 thoughts on “Speckled Mousebird.

  1. With our crazy schedule for the next 3 weeks it will be difficult to keep up with posts and my, I have missed yours! I love the first shot especially, and of course the last! The never-ending variety of birds and other wildlife you have makes me long to pack a bag and come see for myself! Hope you are feeling better after your accident. πŸ™‚

    • It is a serious camera and I wish it was mine, but it ain’t… took the photo as I passed the table… I could probably buy 5 of mine for the price of that one… ‘cept mine has a better zoom than that..

  2. As always, your lens and camera combination working very well to produce some great shots. I try to capture garden bird shots with a 200mm lens, but it is nigh on impossible to get close enough to fill the frame. Maybe, I will treat myself one day.

    • Brian… if you want a camera that can do it for you look into the Fujifilm HS 10 or HS 50… that is what I use… the 10 is a 28 to 720 zoom and the 50 which I’m waiting for mine is a 28 to 1000 you can’t get closer than that and the camera is affordable…

  3. Beautiful birds with their crest like a cockatoo (or is is cockateal?). Anyway, very interesting birds you have there. I LOVE the last pic where the birds are eyeing up your pepper grinder (is that what it is?). Looks like seeds in there and a possible meal for them. Little do they know how hot those seeds might be. And what a camera lens you have there!! Useless at the moment though. πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Anneli… it is a pepper grinder, but the camera and lens aren’t mine… wish they were… we passed the table and I took a quick snap.. don’t even know who it belongs to but he or she has more money for her equipment than I have…

    • The camera on the table is not mine I own a Fujifilm HS 10 with a 28 to 720 zoom .. I take my photos on any length that suits the shot… it is a manual zoom and it makes for a quick set up for the shot… some I take on 720 others so close that it would be a normal 35… wish I owned that camera except I think its focal length is max 400…

    • You … like me have lens envy… it does not belong to me, I have a Fujifilm HS 10 camera with a 28 to 720 Zoom I wish I could afford a camera like that.. mine costs R 4000 that set up lying on the table costs R 16 000 it was someones and when I past I took a photo of the birds by the camera… wish I had the money to buy such equipment… although I think the zoom on that lens is less than mine and is somewhere nearer to a 400 ….

    • That is not my camera… with the cost of that lens I could buy 4 of my cameras… it was someone else that owned the camera we walked past and I took a photo with my camera a Fujifilm HS 10… have no idea why they are called mouse birds except that when they take a dust bath they look a bit like mice rolling around on the ground…

  4. Okay…I drooling too over the camera…But how did you get the birds to just come over to it…peanut butter, hidden behind the camera?

    • I drool over the camera as well… if I had a camera like that I could sell it and buy myself 4 Fujifilm HS 50 cameras… the birds at the one camp site will pop on over and actually feed off your plate while you eat there… I saw this in passing and snapped the shot…

    • I wish the camera was mine but it ain’t… I use a fujifilm HS 10, can’t afford a Canon forget about the lens… I’d need a second bond on my house to pay for that…

  5. I have never seen them, so I am especially grateful for seeing this post. Your photos are fabulous Bulldog and that bird is so cute. A nice white tube you got there πŸ˜€

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