Get Out of the Water.. oh no it’s just Dolphins..

The one day whilst at the sea.. Linda and I walked down to Marina Beach, a Blue Flag beach and a great one too… and this is what I spotted… right at the far range of my zoom, made a few bystanders jealous with their big cameras and smaller lens… but I got the shot and showed it to them, they were impressed with my Fujifilm HS 10…







They don’t stay on the surface long enough, so I did manage to capture about 50 shots of water… should I share them with you????????

58 thoughts on “Get Out of the Water.. oh no it’s just Dolphins..

  1. Always wanted to swim with the dolphins . . . until you mentioned having one “humping” – LOL! You so make me laugh. Excellent photos!

  2. I am NOT Trying to swim with sharks! LOL EVER! I freak out when anything comes near me that larger than a bass! LOL I miss the dolphins though. I’m thinking we should move back to California.

  3. How could you not love dolphin photos?! When kayaking off the coast of San Diego on a calm day last year, a pod of dolphins kept going underneath our kayak. They are such inquisitive mammals. 🙂

  4. A challenging target indeed, but worth every minute, if only for a few good shots…at least we no longer pay for developing film.

    • Thanks TBM… the 50 shots were deleted… I loved them so much I was obsessed and wanted to look at them and nothing else…. so I had to delete them.,… sorry… lol

  5. Haha! I’ve had the same experience. Sitting on the sand, staring out at the ocean and then those fins and it’s such a start! This past summer I had a similar experience and it turned out to be a seal! That was a surprise. He was just playing, but when that shadow and a flipper appeared my first thought was Jaws! 🙂

  6. I just think of the fantastic shots I could get with your camera. Just a week ago, there were quite a few dolphin swimming by and they were in play mode. One was doing a flip and then right after that two others did flips that crossed over each other. All visible with the naked eye but my phone camera takes such horrible shots…really disappointing. One day…I’m going to get a decent camera.

    • Mrs P you should look into the Fujifilm HS 50 it has the equivalent lens to a 1000mm 16 meg storage it is a beaut… and not that expensive… I am buying one soon… my HS 10 is the equivalent to a 720 mm lens and has a smaller storage… can’t wait for mine which retails at R5 800 which is about $ 580… but if I remember on the internet it is quoted as $360 from Amazon, they just won’t deliver to RSA… some kind of agreement with Fuji… brilliant cameras

  7. I got quite a chuckle out of this! I can’t tell you how often that same thing happens here…everyone runs like bats out of hell, only to find out the big bad predators were nothing but dociles friends of man! Better to err on the side of caution, though!
    Great pics!
    ps. it really is amazing how much alike our two regions are!

    • Thank you.. a small child spotted these I could only see them in the view finder on full zoom… but she said shark and I knew she was wrong, it was on the wrong side of the nets… the dolphins often come into the swimming area without getting into the nets, I think they just swim over them…

  8. Ma daiiii, anche i delfini sei riuscito a fotografare, che meravigliaaaaa 🙂
    Ehm per le foto dell’acqua, beh magari una o due le puoi condividere ma tutte e 50 forse sono troppe ahahhaha
    Ciao, Pat

    • That you don’t need to tell me… the last airshow I sneaked in on Press day and pretended to be from a magazine… took 100s of photos of tails and noses and not one of a whole jet… took on multiple shots per second even then all I got were the clouds and blue sky.. so I sympathies with you…

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