Guess Where We’re Going…

Now I know most of you won’t get this from the photos.. so I’ll tell you, next week Sunday we’re off to the Kalahari for 10 days… cleaned the camera, charged the batteries and rearing to go, as long as they finish my car by then…

Kalagadi 422

Kalagadi 461

Kalagadi 177

Kalagadi 890

Kalagadi 1338

Kalagadi 1373

Hi Ho, Hi Ho and off to work we go… like hell, off to the bush we go.. with camera in hand and fun on the line and birds and animals to photo…….. sung to that song by the height impaired people… (dwarfs, midgets what did we call those little guys in sleeping beauty?)

Best Photo Blogs – Round 1

I did not know I had been nominated for the best photo blog… this was a big surprise… considering the photogs that are nominated… go and have a look and vote for me if you think I’m good enought to be in this company… thank you…

In Flow with Otto

Best Photo Blogs_1About a year ago I asked you readers to suggest the best photo blogs that are out there in cyber space. I did so on my page with the same name, and the response was stunning. I think I got something like 500 suggestions! Ever since I have been struggling to find a way to edit and categorize all the different photo blogs. There are so many excellent blogs and I am sure many more have seen the day of light since I closed for submission. The problem for me is partly the sheer amount and partly that a lot of the blogs aren’t easily categorized into one simple class. For me that speaks about quality and diversity – and thus is good, but it certainly makes it harder to present a page with the best photo blogs in a clear way.

So this is what I have decided to…

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