Best Photo Blogs – Round 1

I did not know I had been nominated for the best photo blog… this was a big surprise… considering the photogs that are nominated… go and have a look and vote for me if you think I’m good enought to be in this company… thank you…

In Flow with Otto

Best Photo Blogs_1About a year ago I asked you readers to suggest the best photo blogs that are out there in cyber space. I did so on my page with the same name, and the response was stunning. I think I got something like 500 suggestions! Ever since I have been struggling to find a way to edit and categorize all the different photo blogs. There are so many excellent blogs and I am sure many more have seen the day of light since I closed for submission. The problem for me is partly the sheer amount and partly that a lot of the blogs aren’t easily categorized into one simple class. For me that speaks about quality and diversity – and thus is good, but it certainly makes it harder to present a page with the best photo blogs in a clear way.

So this is what I have decided to…

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27 thoughts on “Best Photo Blogs – Round 1

  1. You have earned this honor! EARNED it your images just get better and more interesting every time you post! I am SO proud of you and I just LOVE your blog! I know all the good places to go when I visit!

    • Thank you Brian… no chance of winning … just don’t want to become last… but there are some magnificent photographers that have been nominated.. I feel honoured to be amid them…

  2. You truly deserve that honor. Not only do you give us beautiful photos to look at, but you add a touch of humor and information that makes your blog a favorite to so many. Congratulations!! Again, you deserve it!! Thank you for all you bring to my family through your blog!! We love it!!

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