Guess Where We’re Going…

Now I know most of you won’t get this from the photos.. so I’ll tell you, next week Sunday we’re off to the Kalahari for 10 days… cleaned the camera, charged the batteries and rearing to go, as long as they finish my car by then…

Kalagadi 422

Kalagadi 461

Kalagadi 177

Kalagadi 890

Kalagadi 1338

Kalagadi 1373

Hi Ho, Hi Ho and off to work we go… like hell, off to the bush we go.. with camera in hand and fun on the line and birds and animals to photo…….. sung to that song by the height impaired people… (dwarfs, midgets what did we call those little guys in sleeping beauty?)

77 thoughts on “Guess Where We’re Going…

  1. Thank you for bringing South Africa up close and personal to us. We are truly blessed to have you capture the essence of your beautiful country and share with us. These shots are phenomenal!

  2. I am impressed with the quality of these photos 🙂 Not just technical perfection, but the moments and expressions you’ve caught. Have a great trip, Bulldog 🙂

    • I’m hoping by now you all know them… lol… but would never do that to all of you.. I know I hate tests, specially now at this age… don’t even enjoy the Doctors tests.. (grin)

  3. Sounds like you’re off to have a lot of fun! Congrats on the photo blog contest. I haven’t read the post yet but heard you were the winner of something. Woo Hoo! Beautiful collection of photos today! Every one is awesome!

    I didn’t know how to reach you by email so am including a link about a book on the Plight of the Rhino. I thought of you and wanted to share.

    Have a great trip!!!

  4. Hello Bulldog great photos like always, have news YOU WON! my last post I put if anyone wanted the book to put a comment well this book goes to south africa!!! Yesterday it was thanks giving and wanted for someone from my house to pick the little paper and your name came up, yay!! Please email me at or give me your email.

  5. It’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs……glad to hear you’re off to play and not off to work. Looking forward to your photos upon your return….enjoy 🙂

    • Diana… you are the nicest of people to try and sing my words to the song… I thought I’d need to change my undies picturing you trying to sing that… I’m still laughing… Linda wanted to know what I was laughing at, she is also laughing too… my poetry and song writing are not something any one should touch… lololol.. in fact ..LMAO…

  6. Hi Rob – I shouldn’t be envious as I am about to leave for a trip of lifetime to Australia – but nothing beats a bush holiday and the Kgalagadi is one of my favourite game reserves. Have an amazing time – I will be following your reports from Oz!

  7. Hi Bulldog,
    are you staying in South Africa? you make a lot’s of interresting and beautiful pictures .. lucky you… am stock in my office with a cold weather outside … not fair…

  8. How wonderful!!! Cannot wait to see all you capture with that camera of yours!! Of course, you will both be in my prayers for safety. I am praising God that He kept you safe during your last trip even though you were inconvenienced, it could have been so much worse.

    (Oh, and it’s dwarfs…and now, thanks to you, I will be singing that song the rest of the day!! Ugh!!) 🙂

  9. Wowww che meraviglia, vi auguro che il tempo sia bello e possiate godere di questo viaggio. Fai tante foto mi raccomando, ma so che lo farai di tua spontanea volontà, ti piace troppo scattare foto 🙂
    Ciao, Pat

    P.S. Queste foto sono stupende!!!

  10. wow! I am already excited to hear this dear Rob, have a nice travel and please be in safe… These photographs are all amazing. The resting big cat and the polka dots bird are my favourites… 🙂 Thank you, have a nice day, and weekend, love, nia

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