Kalahari Sky.. or Kalahari Skies..

A post on Face Book this morning by my son of his photo of todays Kalahari Sky (this is the picture he posted)..


This had me running back to my folders to dig up a few of my captures…. I think he posted this photo just to whet my appetite for our trip 8 days from now… but the skies down in the Kalahari are just so special, something one does not see everywhere in RSA. So here is a few I’ve captured… Some are sunrise and others sunsets.

 Kalagadi 139

Kalagadi 897

len 001

len 002

len 003


len 591

len 608

76 thoughts on “Kalahari Sky.. or Kalahari Skies..

  1. Stunning shots. The colors are incredible. So fortunate to have the opportunity to live in and capture the beauty of your country. I just love these photos!

    • It is a place one has to visit… but beware a visit creates a urge to go back, one I have as yet still to break, fortunately my Son and DiL live there which makes it easier to fulfill the urge…

  2. All these photo’s are stunning, Bulldog. However I love the one your son took (sorry!) because of the harsh lines and the way in which the colours changed towards the horizon! You have competition… lol!

  3. You can’t beat a good skyscape, and you’ve got some great ones here. I’m off to Lanzarote in ten days time for a short break, which is about the closest I ever get to Africa (100km approx. from Morocco). There should be some wonderful sunsets to capture, but there will be no wildlife as in the Kalahari.

  4. I have so many sunset over the ocean photos, and I can’t stop myself from taking more! There is something so extraordinary about the sky at sunrise and sunset with those gorgeous colors! Your photos are jaw-dropping!

    • Thank you… as I see it one must continue to take the photos… no two are ever alike and once you see it you will never see it again… so I continue to take the photos and have files full of them… it is like the sunrise every morning.. I’m normally outside cuppa tea in one hand and cigarette in the other and I witness the beauty daily and every single one of them is magical and starts my day off right…

  5. Stunning images – hope you have a great trip and capture some more of those holiday memories to share.

  6. Very impressive skies and photos of them. I’ve seen some great skies (not quite as fabulous as these) and tried to take a photo of them, but often I lose the colour. It takes a real skill to capture the colours just right. You’ve got that part figured out already.

    • Thanks Amanda.. the area is just so special for such captures… don’t know if it might have something to do with the aridity of the area and dust… but it certainly offers up special opportunities…

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