Not long now… more from last time…

Oh no.. could it really be that bloke again.??

Kalagadi 451

Kalagadi 326

Kalagadi 277

Kalagadi 267

Kalagadi 245

Kalagadi 173

Kalagadi 165

Kalagadi 162

Till next time…. bye….


50 thoughts on “Not long now… more from last time…

  1. Oh and of course the lion is my favorite. I would absolutely love to just cuddle up next to him/her. I know . . . “no you wouldn’t!” Breathtaking photo!

  2. It literally takes my breath away that you live in such a breathtaking part of the world. I do have a concern about many lets say wealthy people from my country that find it so delightful to go on safaris, shoot these breathtaking animals in your country and bring them home to stuff and use as decorations in their homes. Can you please help me with this? Maybe it’s just me but I could never do something like that. And I’m proud of it!

    • As a youngster I did a little bit of shooting for the pot…. the trophy hunting thing is big business and brings millions of dollars into our economy… I don’t like it and even have a nephew who is a guide for such safaris… it happens, I don’t like it, but can’t do anything about it, so I tend to try and ignore it… it doesn’t happen in the Parks but more on private ranches…

  3. Some very nice pictures there. I do like the pictures of the gazelle and especially the symmetry of the 3rd one before the end (173) and again of the last picture.

  4. What stunning photographs! I honestly don’t know how I would react if these beautiful creatures were within camera range…I’d probably choke….Kudos for keeping calm and taking beautiful shots!

  5. The lion looks so peaceful and relaxed. It’s hard to imagine he can turn into a very effective killing machine.

    • Vanessa, I can’t speak for him, but I can say I’d love to see you do it… my camera would be on high speed shooting mode, to not only see the surprise on his face, but to see how fast you can run when he realises it is not a female lion petting him…. lol.. but there is a place here where you can enter a cage of young lion and pet them, I would suggest that rather, I like having you around and I know you will one day recite a special poem to me…

    • TBM, you have been here, or should I say Botswana you know what it is like, I’m sure with your talent you could write a wonderful novel set in the area, a romance between a field guide and his charges, or the love between two guides, I just think you could write a good book set in these surroundings…

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